Saturday, October 17, 2015

Before the wine tasting is after the wine tasting

A State of lasting happiness. I will not deny that wine inspires the mood. Yes quite. But above all it's the region, the food and everything around. The French know how to enjoy life. Pleasure - the word that describes best this trip.
Three days, seven samples of wine, three accommodations, and a marriage proposal.

OK, none of us. But it was still nice and we were - here to experience the happiness of others. And we all had one common, the good wine. In these three days, we have had many enjoyable moments, through the wine landscape tested us and learned a few things about. The only thing I hoped for me from this trip, was an answer to the question: How do I recognize a good wine? That I got many interesting answers, but only one was set in memory:

Lavender in the nose, we strip the Sun on your face with our bikes through the charming landscape of the Alps to our date with family Hemard. You have charged us specially manufactured wine-wine tasting and picnic. On this day, the word has gained a whole new meaning picnic for me. While I expect the delights such as cheese, baguette, olives and wine, I meet on a table with 5-course menu and 8 different varieties of wine. A slight smile comes over us all, it's a picnic? OK, this must be a picnic of à la francaise. Using this definition, we laugh the next days. Luc is a wonderful host with a gentle slope to the story-teller, he has the whole team and tells a lot about his delicious wine. To the question he answers which of his wines he most of all like: "It's like, you would ask me which of my children I am beloved."

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