Friday, October 16, 2015


When I 1st set to travel the planet alone many years agone, i used to be rather like several of you — nervous, scared, and unsure if i used to be progressing to build it out alive. folks upset i might find yourself like characters within the show Taken, raped, or worse.
“It’s a dangerous world. Haven’t you seen the news?” they might tell American state.

Their fears and doubts were infectious.

I was thus afraid and upset by their comments that it took American state a full year to execute my arrange, starting with a unidirectional price ticket to Asia. I had to create up my spirit (and savings) for the trip 1st.

I keep in mind want there was some style of wide guide that would answer each travel and safety question I had. i used to be yearning for support that i used to be progressing to be OK, and that i needed somebody to form the design method easy on behalf of me, so I might feel additional assured regarding it all.

And as a girl WHO planned to travel alone, I ne'er felt that the final “travel the world” books that did exist very handled my scenario or American state in person.

Fast forward 3 years: since then I’ve hitchhiked around China, driven a automobile across South Africa, trekked for weeks in Kingdom of Nepal while not a guide, learned a way to say “thank you” in nearly forty languages, and met several wonderful folks on the manner, all whereas traveling on my very own.

It clad that solo travel was one thing I might do, and every one those fears were for naught.

However, despite what quantity I diary here or on my very own web site, i purchase emails each day from ladies within the same position that i used to be in back within the starting — dying to travel the planet, nervous, unsure wherever to begin, and looking out for a book that speaks to them.

This isn’t the primary guide out there that deals with solo feminine travel, however I found that the opposite guidebooks I scan all did not contend with the largest issue of all: obtaining over the concern. once I started my journey I needed to feel safe and inspired, and that i needed sensible recommendations on a way to take off the overwhelmed path, meet locals, and have distinctive, authentic experiences. This book lives up to its title – it helps to kill your fears so you'll be able to be the creator of your own journey.

If you're upset regarding going solo, wrecking future job prospects, risking your safety, and explaining your want to check the planet to friends and family WHO don’t perceive, this guide is for you.

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