Saturday, October 17, 2015

Miracle healing in Udaipur

Four days already I've eaten real more. Means nothing right: nothing but bananas and ginger tea. Is bad to me. A penetrating and already my entire stay in Udaipur, where I with want to celebrate Diwali, the Indian Festival of lights not go to nausea expectant accompanied me.

Well, nausea is annoying and not necessarily increase well-being, but not keep tied me also on the bed. Which means that I get on the Western side of the Lake Pichola in Udaipur to unverhofftem fame.

Are you like that? European encounters a horde of still not fully pubescenting Indian guys in a not so tourist district of Indian: "what's your name, madam?" "What's your name?"

And what do I respond? The truth of course: "Marianna, nice to meet you."

That was a mistake; I also only this time the commit, remember! Because those nice, cute boys have now constantly behind me to run an enormous fun, screaming my name.

The next day all surrounding dealers greet me so with "Hey Marianna, how are you?", "Marianna, we have very beautiful pashminas here", "Marianna, look at my shop and have a tea."

That's nice - no question. And a problem. Because I can ignore people who address me by my name so badly, even if there are more than a dozen. I now understand how to feel Brangelina and why they constantly undetected; leave the House you have to talk about not always lust with each.

And me is still bad. Day number three, I have again an attack of honesty and answer the ayuverdischen massage therapist on his "Marianna, how are you?" with a "not good".

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