Saturday, October 17, 2015

Mission Angkor Wat

I will rudely torn from my dreams. Is it really already time to get up? Am I not asleep? Blearily, I turn off my alarm. However, we hear a few seconds later a shrill alarm sound. How can that be? I reach again for my Smartphone, but it rings more... Only now I realize that it is not my fault this time.

A ring tone in the room in at two minute intervals. A pesky than the others. All in the dormitory have undertaken to bounce just in time to stand at sunrise at the ruins of Angkor Wat in the middle of the night from the springs. But when the time comes, discard most of their plans again, turn on the other side and go back to sleep.

Also I am hard before I torkle tired of the bed and me in the corridor to the bathroom three times considering whether I should crawl not yet back under the warm covers.

Arrived at the destination, the best places are already occupied. We therefore only once away sat in the wet grass and wait until the night goes to the day. From the distance we hear the clicking of cameras.

The sun rises directly behind the temple and it is already bright, before it is ever to realize. Only in the light completely is the beauty of the temple to the preview and immediately take me the language. What a masterpiece of human architecture! Respectfully, I prefer my imaginary hat to the people who have created this city of temples almost thousand years of stone by stone.

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